Together with Moscow’s Switzerland Tourism office, we have set up a beautiful and engaging online quest. The main objective of the quest was to introduce users to Switzerland and to generate interest in traveling there.


To inform about the Grand Tour route and to show that Switzerland is not just about cheese, chocolate and watches – it’s a place where you can find a new you.


The GET LOST. GET NATURAL quest. Touch the sky, plunge into the depths, ride a bicycle in the mountains — these are just some of the things to experience on the quest with its heroes.

The Get Lost. Get Natural quest spanned several weeks. The users answered themed questions and competed for a 1643-kilometer tour of Switzerland’s most famous sights.


Hungry Boys
  • Creative Director Vlad Sitnikov
  • Account Director Agunda Baeva
  • Art Director Sergej Andronov
  • Copywriter Galina Belozerova
  • Producer Pavel Okishev
  • Copywriter Nataliya Varguleva
  • Motion Designer Sergey Yumakov
  • Design Anna Komarova, Anton Vodogreev
  • Head of SMM Maksim Fedorov
  • SMM Producer Ksenia Dontsova
  • SMM Producer Ramil Safiullin
Switzerland Tourism Russia
  • Director Nataliya Vart
  • PR and Marketing Manager Maria Makarova
  • Project Manager Ksenia Vorontsova
  • Marketing Manager Nataliya Sizova
Oleg Chulakov Studio
  • Production
HiSmith Digital Production
  • Production