Sound of Change

We have created Sound of Change, the first record label for homeless musicians around the world. Now the Internet is open to people of the streets like never before. Every one of us can help improve the life and civilisation of street music.


To give street musicians a chance to be heard in the world, wherever they are. The project aims to help artists who can’t afford to pay for promotionon famous labels. With Sound of Change they can record their song for free and get heard around the world. The project can become a platform not just for musicians, but also for young directors interested in documentary formats.


There are many good street musicians around the world. Unfortunately, their music doesn’t leave the confines of the street or the subway. Sound of Change is a record label for street musicians that helps them be heard in the world. Before, only passersby could toss some coins to a busker. Now anyone can do it from every corner of the globe.


Anyone can add a musician to the project by sharing a short video of them with the hashtag #soundofchange, a geotag and the musician’s contacts in the comments. The video appears on the site’s map. Next, we contact the musician and look for a chance to record them in a studio. That’s why we are really open to cooperation with recording studios and anyone who would like to participate. Our dream is to find like-minded people all around the world. All project participants have helped us a lot and said that they loved it! Which means they would be willing to cooperate again (be it record studios, producers etc.)

The shooting took place in three cities: Moscow, Madrid and Amsterdam. We created a short film about every hero and recorded their songs in a studio. Sound of Change can become a platform not just for musicians, but also for young directors interested in documentary formats.


Hungry Boys
  • Creative Director Vlad Sitnikov
  • Idea Galina Belozerova
  • Copywriter Galina Belozerova, Artur Miroschnichenko
  • Art Director Sergej Andronov
  • Illustrator Anton Vodogreev, Vladimir Doroshevsky
  • Digital Producer Pavel Okishev
  • Video Producer Alyona Shakirova, Pavel Kreis
  • Video Producer (Spain) Yulia Trubitsyna
  • Director Artur Miroschnichenko
  • Production Peppers studio, HiSmith Digital
  • Music Ivan Stegachev, Artur Miroschnichenko, Aleksander Chumachenko