KFC in online game

For the KFC Enjoy the Real Thing campaign we have carried out a project with popular online game — a contest for the best in-game restaurant building.


Our objective was to support the first image campaign with the message Enjoy the Moment by delivering the same message with emotional ties to KFC and increasing the number of the brand’s Vkontakte followers. The project was a continuation of the TV campaign.  


“People have given up real-life communication, instead they spend more time on social networks and on their phones/tablets/computers. Virtual communication is beginning to replace the real thing, and that often makes us feel lonely”. And just like that, the idea was born — our target audience spends time on Vkontakte and plays Minecraft? That’s where we’ll deliver our message to them.


To create a server for online game and hold the first branded contest in the world. The jury consisted of popular gaming bloggers. They looked at the buildings and chose the winner during a live broadcast on the Twitch streaming site.  


The project lasted a week, and throughout that time users have created 1938 buildings, while the livestream got 13292 views.
The overall campaign reach was around 46 million users. The project got 270 thousand likes, 6500 shares and around 106 thousand comments. 35800 users joined the Vkontakte community during the campaign.

Awards (10)



Hungry Boys
  • Creative Director Vlad Sitnikov
  • Head of SMM Maxim Fedorov
  • SMM Producer Artemiy Trofimov