After the launch of the new chicken drumsticks we have suggested that KFC use the Shazam image recognition technology to promote a contest. As a result the online campaign for the launch of chicken drumsticks included Russia’s first interactive packaging.


To promote the brand’s new product in the Vkontakte social network. The aim of the online campaign was to create a direct association between the chicken drumstick emoji and the KFC product. In order to do that we have held a contest in the brand’s official Vkontakte group.  


We have chosen to focus the product promotion on Generation Z — young consumers who are less interested in traditional advertising communications. They prefer unconventional ways of getting involved in the activity of their favourite brands.


To participate in the contest users were to do the following: Take a picture of what’s in front of them. Download or open an app that adds Emoji to photos. Add the chicken drumstick emoji to the picture. Post the result on Instagram with the drumstick emoji hashtag and the KFC Russia hashtag. Every day the group rewarded the most original poster with coupons for a free chicken drumsticks serving. The main prize was the Sony PlayStation 4 gaming console.

To promote the contest we have used promo posts and content seeding in themed groups and on blogger pages. The Shazam image recognition technology allowed for an interactive element on the chicken drumsticks packaging. An picture with an invitation to try it was published in the Vkontakte group.


Hungry Boys
  • Account Manager Nastya Veretennikova
  • Head of SMM Maksin Fedorov
  • SMM Producer Artyom Trofimov
  • SMM Producer Ramil Safiullin
  • Designer Stas Vasiliev
  • PR Manager Alëna Shakirova
KFC Russia
  • PR Manager Eugenia Nazina
  • SMM Yana Mananina