Worst ads ever

Specially for UCWeb we have launched the #worstadsever project


To tell about the powerful adblock filter of the UCWeb mobile browser


On the subway and in traffic, online and on TV, in the elevator and the streets – we see ads everywhere all the time. It’s all good when we like them, but what if they are getting on our nerves?


#worstadsever, a festival for bad advertising where anyone can vote for this year’s worst ad (and shoot down it with a paintball gun!) Now anyone can destroy annoying banners, magazine prints and other ads on the рекламахуженекуда.рф website. To make the voting process more interesting we have created an actual installation in the Hungry Boys office, hung up several cameras and now we’re doing a live broadcast. On the awards website users can shoot down stupid ads with a real gun or upload the ads they hate.


Hungry Boys
  • Account director Elizabeth Akhmetova
  • Creator Ksenia Apresyan
  • Producer Ira Zhirikhova, Pavel Kreis
  • Art-director Sergey Andronov
  • Designer Stas Vasiliev