Words can save


Words can Save is an interactive portal which highlights the signs and problems associated with cyberbullying. It has been developed to raise awareness of the issue and demonstrate how important words can be for any child or teenager experiencing this invisible menace.


Tell about the problem of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is using the Internet and gadgets for publishing or sending content that is meant to hurt another person. According to the world statistics, 25% of teenagers participated in cyberbullying as offenders more than once, while 70% of teenagers suffered from online threats at least once. The problem has only been recently recognized in some countries including Russia, so it is necessary to attract audience’s attention to it as much as possible.


Most of adults do not know that their children or students are being cyberbullied, while children have no idea how to tell them about it. The absence of proper communication leads to consequences like serious psychological problems, depression and even suicide. But sometimes just a couple of words can comfort children and change their mind. The project focuses at importance of such support.


By accessing the website, users are invited to meet and communicate with two characters, Kate and Mike, via their smart phone or by means of voice recognition. Participants interact with the children to establish their background story. Both children are victims of cyberbullying by their peers. Their lives are at stake and they have thoughts about harming themselves. The user’s goal is to persuade them not to give up on life and the results of their efforts can then be shared via social networks to educate others.

On the website, the user can learn facts about cyberbullying and watch two video stories of a child and a teenager that have become victims of cyberbullies and are about to commit a suicide. After that, the user is offered to prevent the character from making a terrible decision by comforting them with words either using a microphone or a smartphone. When the task is performed successfully, the video with a happy ending of the story is shown. When not, the user can share the page in social networks inviting others to help the character or have another try.



Hungry Boys
  • Creative Director Vlad Sitnikov
  • Creator Valeryi Vochetskyi
  • Account Director Agunda Baeva
  • Producer Pavel Okishev
  • PR Alyona Shakirova