Let’s Speak Openly


CLEAN&CLEAR skincare products are designed for young skin.


To promote Clean&Clear products all over Russia among girls aged 12-17 with a digital activation.


To tell our target audience about this we have decided to speak openly with YouTube bloggers. Because with Clean&Clear you have nothing left to hide!


Every week the bloggers answered the users’ questions openly and truthfully in a live broadcast. In order to ask them something important users had to take a selfie with their favorite CLEAN&CLEAR product and upload it on the project’s YouTube channel or share it on Instagram with the hashtag #letsspeakopenly.

We have also given our users a chance to speak openly with their friends on the vk.com social network. With the Let’s Speak Openly app they could anonymously ask their friends anything and answer the questions sent to them.


  • 19000
     New subscribers on the Clean&Clear Youtube channel
  • 1550
    Instagram photos with the hashtags

The idea of speaking openly took over Youtube. Young bloggers made their own videos on the subject with the tag Let’s Speak Openly.


Hungry Boys
  • Idea, Copywriter Galina Belozerova
  • Account Director Agunda Baeva
  • Account Aneta Arabidi
  • Art Director Anton Vodogreev
  • Designer Anna Komarova
  • Blogger Collaboration Ksenia Dontsova