KFC Bucket

While in America and Europe KFC Basket is already a part of internet culture, in Russia people were still unaware of it.


The insight was “when I have fun with my friends, everything we do should be fun”


We positioned KFC basket as a fun way to eat chicken. We engage young people using their own language and launched the first meme campaign in Russia.


We re-invented the “Baskethead” meme, using Russian reality. We used the power of crowdsource creative from one of the biggest internet youth community in Russia: MDK (similar to 9gag). Within four weeks, KFC basket became a new Russian meme.


Within a month we reached more than 10 million members of the target audience. The number of young people who tried KFC’s Basket after the campaign has grown by 50 %.

Awards (5)



Hungry Boys
  • Creative Director Vlad Sitnikov
  • Сreative Group Head Konstantin Kuprianov
  • Account Director Liubov Chubataya
KFC Russia
  • Marketing Director Peter Rosansky
  • Interactive Manager Sergey Proshakov
  • Brand Manager Tatiana Nazina
  • Creative Director Roberto panchvidze
  • Account Manager Oleg Fedushak
  • SMM Strategy Ekaterina Sergeeva