The project designed for Maybelline New Yorknail polish and Colorama eyeshadow lines is a learning platform with a variety of lessons on makeup and nail-art, where each girl can choose a fashionable look and learn how to combine colors.


Many girls prefer bright colors in make-up and manicure, but they don’t know how to combine them properly and believe that nail art is too hard.


Interactive Colorama tutorial on right color combination: choose a bright nail polish in one click – and you will see a simple video that provides a clear explanation of how to create a fashionable nail art design with it! Maybelline is also one of the first on the nail polish market to show actual photos next to the product (to help girls understand how nail polishes and patterns will look on their nails). Besides, using the example of fashion looks created by professional stylists and the official Maybelline make-up artist, Yuri Stolyarov, we have shown how you can create a bright make-up using Colorama products.


Hungry Boys
  • Creator Ksenia Apresyan, Konstantin Kupriyanov
  • Producer Tatiana Chepko
  • Account Manager Lubov' Chubataya, Ksenia Kireeva
  • Motion Design Maksim Malakhov