«Svyaznoy» with the support of MasterCard presented on the Russian market the SumUp service – a player in the European mobile acquiring


Within the launch campaign our main challenge was to show how easy it is to use and to give an opportunity to see the service in action


Small and medium businesses often cannot afford to accept non-cash payments, as it is believed to be difficult and involve many problems. But actually any entrepreneur can turn their mobile phone into a mobile terminal for receiving Bank cards.


Using a bright example to show that it can be simple and affordable. So there appeared iBabulya Klavdiya Mikhailovna, a pensioner who decided to launch her own startup.  


To begin with, iBabulya registered on social networks and made her own website, offering everyone to find her on the streets of Moscow and purchase an iСornet with amazingly roasted sunflower seeds, iMushrooms in jars or crispy iСucumbers

In her last video on YouTube iBabulya  says that the only thing you need to become a businessman is to download an app and buy a special device in the Svyaznoy office


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iBabulya was actively discussed on social networks, including communities directly related to finance and business. iBabulya videos hit the top 20 of YouTube for a week in all categories and took the second place in «People & blogs» 

3800 friends on Vkontake
14 000 000 — Vkontakte coverage

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