Moroz vs Santa

Together with the insurance company “Soglasie” on the threshold of New Year we released a game «Дед мороз против Санты».The online game became on of the biggest trends of the season! It was completely stylized for “old school” and for the times of pixel graphics.


Thus, the 8-bit Father Frost rides in a sleigh accompanied by 8-bit Christmas soundtrack. All those who wished to play as Father Frost and to be the first to breed gifts could collect various bonuses and dodging fireworks on their way. The insurance company products are integrated into the game.    

In case of failure you can use the help of various insurance policies. For example, if “on the road you meet not only deers,” you can use the “Casco”. It should be noted that this a greeting card game, so everyone has a chance to send it by e-mail or through social networks to friends and colleagues.


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Hungry Boys
  • Account Ksenia Kireeva
  • Creator Ksenia Apresyan
  • Producer Nadejda Golubtsova
  • Designer Natalia Nedostup
  • Illustrator Sergey Kostik
  • Director of the Directorate of Market Management Svetlana Beri
  • Digital Manager Anastasia Nikolaeva
  • Trade Marketing Anastasia Tkacheva
  • SMM Stas Peichev