The contest “Conquer New York at a Glance” is a transcontinental project launched by Maybelline New York! Videos with participants were broadcast in Times Square in New York City.


To increase brand awareness of Maybelline NY Express Volume Mascara To portray Maybelline NY as a brand that helps girls achieve their goals To create positive associations with Maybelline NY in Russia


From early childhood every girl dreams of becoming famous and going to New York – the city of dreams. Is it possible for her to win a trip to New York with one sweep of eyelashes?


Maybelline NY erases borders between U.S. and Russia and launches a truly transcontinental project. Now, every girl can change her destiny: appear on billboards in Times Square and win a trip to New York, the city of her dreams! For this, participants had to submit their photos through Facebook and Vkontakte. New Yorkers saw them on billboards and voted.

Thousands of Americans had a chance to appreciate the beauty of participants, and their votes helped one of them to get the main prize – trip to New York! We showed the girls that they can achieve their dream.

In just a few days we received a huge response in Russia, the United States, as well as in France, Mexico, Australia, etc.


  • 65 000
    Unique visitors of the project website
  • 11 000
    Times application was downloaded
  • 2567
  • 18 000 000
    Overall coverage



Hungry Boys
  • Creative Director Vlad Sitnikov
  • Head creator Aleksei Fedorov
  • Creator Konstantin Kupriyanov
  • Account Manager Lubov' Chubataya, Maria Barabanova
  • Art Director Aleksei Nikolaev
  • Designer Ilya Shakirov
  • Development Anton Perepelitsyn, Artem Teplukhin, Dmitriy Potekhin
  • Work in New York Irina Shepeleva