Together with Abbott Laboratories’ baby nutrition unit we have launched a platform aimed at raising awareness of the new PediaSure Maloezhka product, which represents food for the healthy development of children with selective eating.


To raise product awareness in the digital media and to break down consumers’ mental barriers, using memorable images from TV commercials.


Through bright pictures and funny texts, this interactive project helps mothers learn what nutrients can be missing from the diet of a child with selective eating. After having passed a test, a mother can define which eating planet her child lives on. Each planet represents a group of nutrients that can miss from the child’s diet if he or she refuses to consume certain products. A mother can upload a photo of her child after she gets the test results and share it on social networks.


Hungry Boys
  • Sales Director Andrey Kharitonov
  • Strategist Dmitry Voskresenskiy
  • Creator Galina Belozerova
  • Analyst Pavel Katkov
  • Producer Kirill Nikitin
  • Art Director Sergej Andronov
  • Design Stanislav Vasiliev, Dmitry Maksimov, Sergey Zakharov
  • Group Head Agunda Baeva
  • Account Manager Artur Pechorin