Helpless machine

In Russia it is common to keep quiet about family problems no matter what they are. We started “Helpless Machine” campaign specially for “Who Cares?!” social project in order to raise awareness about the most serious one.


Every year about 10,000 Russian women die as a result of domestic violence. Together with “Who Cares?!” project we have decided to find out how difficult it is for a man to get mad. The results were shocking: just a small amount of frustration is enough to lose self-control.  How to draw attention to a problem that is hidden behind closed doors?


It was necessary to take the problem into a crowded public place. We set up a vending machine at one of the biggest shopping malls in Moscow, and it was planned that all snacks would get stuck inside on purpose. Also, there was a screen in front of the machine playing a video of an attractive woman encouraging buying goods.

However, each time somebody hit the device, vibration sensors changed the picture and caused the woman to cry capturing everyone’s attention. Eventually, customers got their snacks, but they had to experience others’ judging looks first.

The campaign slogan was: “Lost control over a triffle?”, which can be understood in the literal sense of the word, as well.


Hungry Boys
  • Creative Director Vlad Sitnikov
  • Producer Aleksei Nikolaev
  • Copywriter, Creator Alexander Shtefanets
  • Motion Design Maksim Malakhov

  • Director Andrey Paukov
  • Cameraman Oleg Horoshavin
  • Photograph Yana Yartseva
  • Model Ulyana Bekauri