A Magic Wish-Fulfilling Laptop


Offline promotion of the film “Odnoklassniki.ru: CLICK for Luck”


The main character of the movie, a young and unfortunate advertiser, finds a magic button that fulfills all his dreams. So we decided to remind people about the importance of dreaming. Or rather to fulfill the dreams of our participants..


We placed a laptop in front of a large screen with a camera in one of the shopping centers in Moscow and called it a “wish-fulfiller”.

Everybody who had written their wish in the search tab of the social network immediately saw its fulfillment as an image on the screen and their personal photo. But it was actually visualized by the artists hiding behind the screen.


Hungry Boys
  • Copywriter Anastasia Yakunina, Arthur Mirochnichenko
  • Producer Alexei Bajenov, Tatiana Chapko
  • Head of Production
 Alexei Nikolaev
  • Account Manager Agunda Baeva
Луна Парк
  • Production