As part of the “Priority” package, your personal Concierge is always available for you


To stimulate demand for the bank’s “Priority” package


What we all want the most? To have those important minor things we don’t have enough time to spend on done for us! Why dream if it is already real?


The project is designed to tell you what a “Concierge Service” is and how it works. Particular attention should be paid to the important details of the project: every visitor had a chance to get a personal concierge as a present, not even being a bank’s client. Liked it? Welcome! A concierge can be your personal assistant 24/7! In order to use “Concierge Service” for free you need to go to the project’s website and then choose the type of a desired service – online or offline. There is a list of possible services to choose from. After picking, for example, “delivery of rose-colored glasses, put them on the addressee”, a chat window with the moderator opened. The moderator maintained contact with the customer until the service was rendered. Further, the tasks left on the VTB24 project page were redirected to YouDo that found reliable persons to perform these tasks within 10-15 minutes. This service enables you to call a taxi, order flowers or tickets to the theater, play a joke on your friend, request a translation of a text, or an escort with an umbrella for free 24 hours a day. Total choice presented includes more than 30 variants of online and offline services.


Hungry Boys
  • Creative Director Vlad Sitnikov
  • Account Manager Ekaterina Alon / Elizaveta Ahmetova
  • Producer Viktor Kozlov
  • Designer Ilya Shakirov
  • Development Anton Perepelitsyn